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what do clownfish eat based on their habitat?

what do clownfish eat

What do clownfish eat? Clownfish food is divided into freshwater and marine fish, all of which are available in several food choices that you can provide below

who doesn’t know Clownfish? The types of fish in the animated film Finding Nemo really grab attention.

Also known as the clown fish, which has an adorable color and shape that makes many people want to keep it and see its behavior directly through the aquarium at home. 

If you want to have it, then there are some preparations that must be considered. Starting from how to care for it and getting to know some of the types of Nemo fish food.

So, in this article, I try to fully explain some of the food for the clown fish, let’s discuss it together. 

Freshwater ClownFish Food

1. Earthworms

If you have kept clownfish that are entering adulthood, maybe you can try giving them earthworms. This type of food is also easy to find and not difficult to get.

This one food is widely chosen by hobbyists, and besides being practical to give it is also cheap to get. 

If you are interested in trying to give earthworms to the clownfish that you have, the process is very easy to do.

All you have to do is cut it into small pieces first and give it straight away. This is of course to make it easier so that the fish are not too overwhelmed really want to eat it. 

Give this food according to the measure and don’t overdo it, it’s better to balance it with other menus so that your fish stay healthy and grow big. 

2. Pellets

If you don’t want to bother looking for some menus for clownfish or clowns, maybe you can give them pellets.

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This food is one that is widely used and sought after by fish fans because the process is fast and easy to use. Moreover, the price offered is relatively cheap and very affordable. 

However, you have to puree this food first if the fish you care for is still very small because to make it easier to consume.

Keep mixing this food with other types so it doesn’t affect the physical condition of the fish later. Therefore, this process must be considered and understood thoroughly. 

3. Silk Worms

For those of you who want to complete the nutritional needs of your clownfish at home, you can give them silkworms.

The content contained in these worms is very good for the growth and development of the fish because there is good protein and fat to affect its maximum growth. 

This of course can be an alternative and the right choice for you to try, especially since your fish at home are still small.

There’s nothing wrong with trying and giving your clownfish silkworms. To get these worms, fish feed sellers usually provide everything in full. 

However, still provide the appropriate amount of feed and not too much. Because something that is excessive is also not good and also affects the quality of water later. 

4. Artemia

Another type of clownfish food that you can give is artemia. This one animal form is very small but has the right ingredients to meet the various nutritional needs of your fish.

For those who are new to keeping clownfish, usually, this type of feed is given to fish that are still small. 

This artemia size is very suitable to be given to fish that are only 2 to 3 days old, so it can be your recommendation to give it.

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If you want to keep and breed them, maybe this can be an alternative for you to give to your clownfish children later. 

Getting it is not that difficult, several fish feed stores usually provide this requirement for your fish food at the house. 

Sea Water Nemo Fish Food

1. Bread

If you are familiar with diving or snorkeling, you will often find clownfish and feed them bread.

Well, actually bread is one of the foods chosen by sea clownfish cultivators. In fact, this type of food is favored by clownfish and of course, it can be an alternative for you to give to your fish at home. 

The most important thing is that you don’t give bread to clownfish so routinely or often, because that choice will make you addicted.

Better not too often and just give it some time. Because if you give it too regularly it will make fish dependent and you don’t want to try other menus anymore. 

This needs to be considered, don’t let you come up short later. The best way to mix the food and give it according to the amount needed. 

2. Blood Worms

These foods include the same content contained in silkworms. If you want to give seawater clownfish so that they grow quickly, you can give blood worms.

However, to give it you can’t give it directly. 

The process is that you have to freeze the bloodworms first, then grind them. Then you can just give it.

This stage is not very practical, but for the sake of the growth of fish that are more attractive and adorable, there’s nothing wrong with giving it. 

 those are some types of clownfish food, both fresh and sea. Make sure you give it according to the measure and not too much so that the growth and development of the fish are maintained.

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooruariyoushi has been a fish hobbyist for 20 years and is now a blog writer sharing information about fish and how to care for them.


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