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How to cultivate tiger pistol shrimp?

tiger pistol shrimp

Are you currently intending to learn how to cultivate tiger pistol shrimp, but don’t know how? In this post, the admin will share information about guidelines or how to cultivate tiger pistol shrimp traditionally.

Tiger pistol shrimp cultivation can be done using ponds, and tarpaulin ponds and can even be done in an aquarium. Tiger prawns can also live in fresh and brackish water, tiger prawns themselves are a type of shrimp that is quite popular with the community because tiger prawns are a type of seafood food that tastes very delicious and is more savory than the Vename shrimp.

Many shrimp cultivators prefer tiger prawns over Vename shrimp because tiger prawns have a more immune system against weather changes. In addition, tiger prawns also have a high and profitable selling price. The selling price of tiger prawns in the market is higher than that of Vename shrimp, the weight of tiger prawns ranges from 7-8 ounces.

In recent years the population of tiger fish has continued to experience a significant decline, so many farmers have switched to cultivating Vename shrimp even though they have a relatively lower selling price.

In addition, the reason many breeders or fish farmers have switched to cultivating Venname Shrimp is that it is influenced by the harvest period. This is because the harvest period of tiger prawns is longer, which can reach 5-6 months. However, the advantages of the tiger prawns themselves are more dominant than the Vename prawns.

How to Cultivating Tiger Pistol Shrimp

tiger pistol shrimp
tiger pistol shrimp

Preparation of Tiger Pistol Shrimp Cultivation Sites

The place for tiger prawn cultivation presented by the world of fish is one of the main factors in the success of the tiger prawn cultivation method, this tiger prawn is very suitable for cultivation in areas near coastal locations. The beach location area has a water source that is quite high and flows smoothly and regularly. The water temperature required for tiger prawn cultivation ranges from 25 to 29 degrees Celsius, the composition of the salt content dissolved in the water should not be less or more than 10-25 ppm and also the water pH is around 7-8.

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Preparation for Tiger Pistol Shrimp Cultivation

The next step that needs to be prepared is a pond for cultivating tiger pistol shrimp, prepare 3 ponds, and each pond must-have channels for water to enter and exit. The purpose of the water channel is so that the process of going in and out of water can run well and smoothly, the three types of ponds have different functions, nursery ponds and also special ponds for enlargement.

In carrying out traditional tiger shrimp cultivation, coastal land and water are needed, both fresh water and seawater. The distance in making traditional ponds in coastal areas depends on the pond’s ability to absorb seawater in sufficient quantities. Considering that coastal areas are often used as mining, tourism, and forestry locations. The development of shrimp farming ponds is of course an inseparable part of regional development.

There are several conditions that must be considered in carrying out the traditional tiger prawn cultivation method, including:

Ponds should be built outside areas that are densely populated and also industrial.
Make sure the location of the pond is not in a tourist forest area, nature reserve forest or production forest.
Ponds always get enough water sources and are always available and have good water circulation.
Avoid using water that comes from the ground (bore wells), because using groundwater to irrigate ponds in the long term will give big losses in tiger shrimp farming. This is because there will be seawater intrusion (infiltration of water coming from the sea into freshwater waters), which can cause land subsidence.

Choosing And Sowing Tiger Shrimp Seeds

This step must be done carefully because the selection of seeds can determine the success of tiger pistol shrimp cultivation. Some things that need to be considered in selecting tiger pistol shrimp seeds or seeds are having agile movements, not having physical defects, and having uniform sizes. If these three points have been met, then the seeds are ready to sow.

But before sowing, let the shrimp seeds sit in a container filled with pond water, and let them stand for about 30 minutes. This is so that the shrimp can adapt to their new environment. Next, sow the shrimp seeds slowly by floating the container and sow by tilting the container.

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Tiger Shrimp Feeding

If the tiger pistol shrimp are big enough, then the next step is to prepare a special pond for enlargement. Make sure that the shrimp ponds used for the rearing process have been fertilized first in order to revive plankton and other aquatic creatures which will later be used as natural food for tiger prawns at the start of stocking in the grow-out ponds. For every hectare of ponds, 75 kg of fertilizer is used with a water level of about 5 cm. for optimal results, you can fertilize 2 times in one harvest.

To increase the nutrition needed by tiger pistol shrimp, you can feed the shrimp with manufactured feed in the form of pellets with a protein content of 30%, feeding is done 2 times a day depending on needs. Feeding should be done on a scheduled basis, namely in the morning and evening. In addition, to speed up the shrimp growth process you can provide additional feed in the form of fish pieces.

Tiger Pistol Shrimp Harvesting Process

In the process of harvesting tiger pistol shrimp, you can do it if the size of the shrimp is big, the size itself depends on market demand. On average, harvested tiger prawns weigh around 7-8 ounces per head, to get the weight of these shrimp requires approximately 5-6 months of maintenance. If the steps in the process of cultivating tiger prawns are not carried out properly, the yields will not be maximized and require a longer maintenance time. Actually, the process of how cultivating tiger pistol shrimp takes quite a long time to get quality crops and have a high selling price.

How to harvest tiger pistol shrimp can be done using nets or you can also use nets. In harvesting tiger pistol shrimp, it is better to do it at night with the aim that the condition of the prawns remains fresh when they are marketed.

How, are you interested in tiger pistol shrimp cultivation?

Thus the information that we can convey in this article about how to cultivate tiger prawns traditionally, I hope the guide we provide can be useful and add to the knowledge of all of you who want to learn and plan to start a traditional tiger prawn cultivation business.

Good luck and good luck.

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooru Ariyoushi

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