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How long do koi fish live (and why)?

Who is not familiar with koi fish? 

Fish originating from Japan has long been known by the people of Indonesia. Even in Indonesia, there are quite a lot of koi fish lovers. Koi fish whose real name is Nishikigoi or in Latin it is called Cyprinus Carpadie. 

Previously, koi fish were known as goi fish, but after entering Indonesia, they changed their name to koi fish because they were taken from the Chinese. Koi fish can live quite large and easily adapt to their environment. 

This beautiful fish is also touted as an expensive fish because the price can reach tens of millions of rupiah. Even in Japan, the price of koi fish is more expensive than in other countries. This is because there are several factors that make koi fish more expensive in their country of origin. 

Among them are the factors of standards or strict rules for breeding koi fish and not many Japanese people have succeeded in cultivating this fish. Therefore if anyone asks what koi fish is the most expensive? The answer is koi fish from Japan.

Koi Fish and Luck


Some people believe that koi fish is a fish that is closely related to luck, this belief comes from Chinese culture. For this reason, many people keep this fish, apart from being a hobby, but also as a lucky charm. Koi fish can survive long enough outside of the water as long as environmental conditions and their bodies remain wet. 

So you don’t need to worry when you want to take on a long journey. Koi fish are also very unique because of their beautiful and colorful colors ranging from black, white, golden yellow, and silver, and some have three colors.

How long do koi fish live?

Sometimes in Indonesia, koi fish competitions are also held which are seen from their agility, health, weight, and unique color.  Apart from being lucky and a place for channeling hobbies, koi fish also have other uniqueness. Koi fish can live up to hundreds of years. 

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For example, in Japan there is a koi fish named Hanako which can live for more than 200 years, amazing isn’t it? 

Koi fish is indeed known as a fish that has a long life and it is even said that it can exceed the age of its owner, for this reason, many people want to keep it for this reason. 

Actually, koi fish that live in ideal conditions live on average up to 50 or even 60 years.

In some cases, the age of koi fish is much longer than that, maybe over 90 years like parrots, and the oldest example of koi fish Hanako from Japan which can live more than 200 years.

While the average beginner who keeps koi fish, the age of the koi fish only reaches 3-5 years.

Why is it so short?

Because most people, especially beginners, don’t know how to care for koi fish, and in the end, they kill the koi fish. Meanwhile, the age of koi fish kept by professional collectors usually reaches around 15-25 years of age.

Quite different, but why is it still so short?

Because for people who keep them, koi fish often live longer than their owners. And while it’s not ideal conditions, people don’t take care of it very well after their owners give up the hobby.

Factors Affecting Koi Fish Age

Koi fish that are in good condition can develop into very large animals and require much larger space.

For this reason, it is important for beginners who intend to raise this fish, they must first know how to maintain good and correct koi fish.

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Here are some factors that affect the age of koi fish:

Place or area of ​​the pool.
Water quality
The location factor or pond area and water quality are the main factors that greatly affect the age of the koi fish that we maintain. Poor water quality can cause premature death of koi fish. We don’t know for sure, but if they lived in a wider pond, they could have lived for another 20 years.

According to Dragon Fang, a professional koi collector, and owner of the Dragon Koi Center in Jakarta, “Koi fish can live long if the pH of the water is neutral and free from harmful substances such as chlorine and sulfur. In addition, the water must contain a lot of oxygen. “

Then what is needed to keep pool water neutral PH? One of them is using a filtering technique, so the owner does not have to clean the pool every time but only cleans the pool filter machine.

The benchmark that can be used is a filter used for one cubic of water containing 5 koi measuring 50 cm which is cleaned once a month. In addition, the owner must adjust the size of the koi fish to the size of the pond, so that the pond is not too small for the koi fish.

That’s an illustration of the age that koi fish can reach. It turns out that koi fish can live for hundreds of years as long as they are cared for and cared for properly, especially the size and cleanliness of the pond which is their main place of life.

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooruariyoushi has been a fish hobbyist for 20 years and is now a blog writer sharing information about fish and how to care for them.


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