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Can betta fish eat goldfish food ?

Can betta fish eat goldfish food

Betta fish care is really a responsibility if you are a passionate betta keeper! Caring them includes various of tasks such as providing you betta with clean and hygienic water, a good and big enough aquarium to live in and the most important thing is to give them food that suits his body type and also which he loves to eat too!

Bettas are Much Concerned About Their Food!

Before answering the Question: Can Betta Fish Eat Goldfish Food? I would like you to first understand what does these two fish needs and also what do they like to eat. Feeding a betta fish really requires a true understanding of the origin of this fish and the requirements of his body, these are the basic characteristics of every fish that one need to know before keeping them because if you do not have knowledge about you little cutie, you might lose him!

What Do Betta Fish Eat?

To properly gain knowledge about this query, just have a look at the origin of your betta fish. Betta fish is the native to Thailand and it is usually found in the floodplains, rice paddies, and water canals. Betta fish is Siamese Fighting Fish and it does not allow any other fish to be his mate!, Yes! it is true, if you are keeping betta you would need to be very very careful! Bettas are carnivores so they need a high amount of proteins in their diet. Have a look at the given list of food items which betta loves according to different living conditions so you can completely understand your betta’s requirements

Betta Fish Diet in Nature

  • Insects
  • Larvae
  • Live Food
  1. Panagrallus Redivivus
  2. Common Water Fleas
  3. Brine Shrimps
  4. Blood Worms
  5. White Worms
  6. Earth Worms
  7. Mosquitoes
  • Smaller Fish
  • Daphnia
  • Fairy Shrimps

Betta Fish Diet in Wild

  • Bloodworms
  • Whiteworms
  • Mosquitoes
  • Small Fish
  • Larvae
  • Tiny Fish
  • Midges
  • Brine Shrimps
  • Fungi
  • Insects
  • Krill
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Betta fish Diet in Captivity/ Aquarium Diet for Bettas

  • Earth Worms
  • Sludge Worms
  • Dry Flake Food
  • Red Algal Meal
  • Krill
  • Brine Shrimps
  • Micro Worms ( for larvae/young fish)
  • Dried Bloodworms
  • Veggies
  • Water Fleas
  • Insects
  • Feeder Fish
  • Frozen Sea Food
  • Baby Guppies

Wanna Keep Your Betta Healthy & Happy? Feed them Protein!

Most of the people make the mistake that they feed their bettas with only proteins for a very long time, just get off guys! Your betta also loves the variety of food like we humans!

Betta Loves Different Items in Menu Like Us Too!

Love your betta from your heart and feed them with different types of food. Yes, bettas do need a high protein diet but they also love to eat some different things as well. Bettas do love to eat some of the human food and also the homemade fish food as well instead of just insects or other small animals.

What Do Goldfish Eat?

Goldfish s the freshwater fish which is also known as Carassius auratus and it belongs to the family Cyprinidae of the order Cypriniformes. Goldfish is native to East Asia and comes in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Goldy  Loves Carbohydrates

Goldfish is a herbivore yet generous unlike the betta fish which is a carnivore and a fighter fish so, it needs a diet that contains less amount of protein. Goldfish eat a high carb diet whether living in wild or in captivity and more consumption of proteins can be dangerous for their body and also the leftovers of proteins can pollute their surrounding water.

Following are the list of the food items which are consumed by a goldfish while living in different environments so that you could understand the dietary interests and need of both fish before feeding them.

Goldfish Diet in Nature

  • Carp
  • Insects/ Bugs
  • Tadpoles
  • Small Fish
  • All Plant Matter
  • Newts
  • Other Small creatures

Goldfish diet in the wild

  • Insects
  • Plants
  • Algae
  • Brine Shrimps
  • Blood Worms
  • All Vegetarian Matter
  • Larvae
  • Crustaceans
  • Zoo-Plankton
  • Dead/ Decaying Plants
  • Other Small Animals

Goldfish Diets in the Captivity

  • Mosquito Larvae
  • Daphnia
  • Mysis Shrimps
  • Mussel
  • Squid
  • Marine White Fish
  • Boiled Vegetables
  1. Lettuce
  2. Spinach
  3. Peas
  4. Garlic
  5. Oats
  • Fish Pellet Food
  • Fruit
  • Homemade Fish Food
  • Shrimp Pellet Food
  • Aquarium Plants
  • Algae Wafers
  • Flake Food
  • Small Live Food
  • Blood Worms
  • White Worms
  • Frozen Fish Food
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By understanding the body types and eating requirements of both fish anyone can make a better decision about feeding their bettas. As you know now that betta fish and goldfish, both are different from one another and have a different type of eating habits and requirements as well.

Can Betta Fish Eat Goldfish Food? The answer is Yes! You can, If you have run out of the specific high protein food for your betta then you can provide your little one with some of the goldfish food, but remember that it should be continued for very small period of time, if you will continue to feed your betta with the high carbohydrate diet for a long time then you betta will not get the required nutrients from the diet and in result, it will lose its energy and there will be higher chances of your betta to get sick and I am sure that you would not prefer it.

On the other side, your betta also needs different items in the food menu as well as we! So feed your betta fish with mix and match of food, give him most of the time a high protein food such as all types of worms, brine shrimps, small fish or any of the frozen seafood, krills and baby guppies as these are the things which betta loves to eat. Other than these try to give your betta something different such as boiled vegetables, homemade fish food, frozen fish food, flakes, pellets as these will give a chance to your betta and it will not be boring for him while living with you!

One More Tip: whenever you are in the situation to decide what to feed your fish, whether it is a betta fish, goldfish or any other fish, first of all, you need to understand their origin, their body type, their nutritional requirements and also that what type of food they like. Then you will be successful in keeping your bettas and any other fish healthy and happy!

Just Care for Betta and He Will Be Happy While Living With You!

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooruariyoushi has been a fish hobbyist for 20 years and is now a blog writer sharing information about fish and how to care for them.



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