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9 Untold Facts About Betta Fish Care

Facts About Betta Fish

Betta fish care is the most important topic for every betta keeper. lets we share untold facts about betta fish.Taking care of your little fighter fish is very important if you want them to be healthy and live longer.

Betta fish is found in the canals, streams, ponds and rice paddies of Thailand and is very aggressive animals by nature. It cannot live with other betta fish of the same gender in the surroundings. However, many of the female betta fish can live with one male betta.

In the era, which we live; we can find each and every information about any topic on the internet, whether you need to build a house, or need to know about your health or you want to keep a pet. You can get every required piece of knowledge on the internet.

10 years back, I started to keep bettas with me and it was very difficult for me to properly take care of betta fish. I was new at keeping a pet like a betta fish, I read many articles available on the internet at that time but due to lack of proper knowledge, I ended up losing 2 bettas!!! Yes, it was a very painful experience for me.

Now, with the passage of time, I get to know many things about bettas and am a proud mommy of 3 bettas living happily with me! The purpose of writing this article is to educate other betta keepers in the world so that you would never lose your betta. Today I am going to write about 11 Untold Facts About Betta Fish Care which helped me a lot and are not easily shared by people!

1. Are Betta Fish Easy to Care of?

Before answering this question, you need to understand its nature and characteristics. As you know that betta fish is a fighter fish found in the water of Thailand, it is very difficult for it to live with the same gender of betta, it has a labyrinth organ which allows betta fish to breathe and inhale oxygen while living at the lower level of aquarium or water bowl. However, there are some precautionary measures which you need to consider to properly take care of your bettas such as filtration, heating, lighting, food, mating and water temperature. The answer is obviously ‘NO’ Bettas are easy to care of by just keeping in mind simple ways to keep them in your mind

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2. Betta Fish Care While on Vacation?

Betta fish is a type of fish that can live without food for about two weeks but not all bettas are same so, try not to leave your betta unattended.

Get your betta a close friend of yours to take care of it while you will be on vacation, get your close friend the best betta pellets and ask him/her to feed your betta 4 to 5 pellets a day and also to maintain a good water temperature of  76 to 81 degree Fahrenheit and your betta will remain healthy.

If you do not have anyone to take care of your betta, then I would recommend you to leave your betta without food for only 4-5 days maximum because not every betta have the capability to fast for two weeks.

Precautions: Please do not leave an excessive amount of food in the water tank/aquarium or bowl for your betta as it will cause waters pollution and betta will get sick and can die even!

3. Betta Fish Care Male and Female Together

Most of the people go through much hassle due to lack of information to keep bettas. Female bettas can live together by the male bettas cannot live together. However many of the female bettas can live with one male betta.

4. Betta Fish Care and Breeding

Breeding is a very sensitive topic when it comes to betta fish, as it is a fighter fish so it does not like to live with other bettas. However male bettas can live with female betta fish but for some time.

If you want to breed betta fish then you need to get a young pair of betta fish, one male and the other should be female, of course! First, keep the two bettas in separate tanks but in a way that they could see each other and feed them usual high protein diet. After 1 week or two just move the female betta in the tank of male betta for 2 to 3 hours and carefully watch their behavior.

When your male betta will be ready to breed, he will make a bubble nest in his tank, this is the sign that he is attracting the female betta. Now slide your female betta into his tank and watch the pair as some of the male bettas can bully the female betta by nipping on the fin or chasing the female betta.

If this happens just remove the female betta. If this does not happens then let them embrace and afterward remove the female betta. Start caring for the eggs and feed the baby bettas moreover!

5. Betta Fish Care in a Bowl

Bettas like to swim, this makes their body healthy and also they feel happier in a large amount of water. Keep your betta in a medium-size bowl and not very small or large. Medium size bowl will allow you to provide your Betta fish with proper water to swim, space to give them food and also to make the bowl decorated with plants or other stuff for them!

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6. Water Temperature for Betta Fish Care

Betta fish is found in the streams, pond, canals and the rice paddies of Thailand so it can live happily in the water with a temperature of 76 to 81 Deg. Fahrenheit. Please keep in mind that maintaining a good water temperature that helps you to mimic the natural habitat of your betta is the key point to keep your betta healthy.

7. Betta Fish Care with Plants

In order to properly take off your betta, plants can really help you. Betta fish likes plants in its tank whether they are real or they are made up of plastic. Plastic plants can sometimes cause damage to the fins of your betta so using silk plants would be a good option. However,real plants have some more benefits hen it comes to place them in the tank of bettas such as oxidizing the water and absorbing the waste of the tank.

8. Betta Fish Care for Baby

Baby bettas are the same as the adult ones but obviously require more care than the adult betta fish. You need to maintain the same water temperature and the same size of tank would be good enough. However, there are some points you need to give extra attention such as baby betta eat very small food like live food/ baby betta food pellets, they require a sponge filter as more suction or the flow of water will make your betta at high risk. You will need to examine them and keep the male baby bettas in a separate tank because male bettas will fight with each other, but female bettas can live together.

9. Betta Fish Care With Other Fish

Only male bettas can live with female bettas and not with the same gender bettas. Keep watching the behavior of the male and female betta living together because some of the male bettas tend to tease and bully the female betta and in the result, the female betta can be stressed out or even get injured and sick.

These were the basic points which caused my two bettas to reach death but because of my less knowledge. The points explained above seems to be very small but they have great importance for betta fish care.

If you need to ask some more questions about taking care of betta fish or you have any other query or you want to give any suggestions for my blog, just leave it in the comment section below!

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooruariyoushi has been a fish hobbyist for 20 years and is now a blog writer sharing information about fish and how to care for them.


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