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10 Different types of betta fish you Need to Know Before Buying

Different types of betta fish

Betta fish are one of the most popular house pets kept by people all over the world. They are also called Siamese fighting fish and is famous for its aggressive nature. Betta fish cannot live with each other at all. However, male betta can live with many of the female betta fish, but keen observation is required.

Keeping betta fish is quite difficult due to its aggressive nature but still, we all love to keep them with us. They are beautiful with many variations in color, crown and tail types. Betta fish are high in demand that is why much of different types of bettas are available in the market due to cross between them.

People often make the wrong choice while buying betta fish so, we have gathered 10 Types of Betta Fish that are most popular and beneficial to buy. Read the complete information and make a wise choice whether you are a beginner at keeping bettas or not, allow yourself to be aware and informed properly!

Betta fish have many types on the basis of their tails mainly and can be found in different colors and shape Tail type is one of the most popular characteristics of a betta fish people use to distinguish between them. It is the beautiful trait of the fighter fish. People find betta fish very much appealing with alluring tails. They are identified with different properties such as size, shape, color, and tail. Bettas are expert at appealing the buyers.

Bettas are given the names by which people could distinguish betta fish with Different types of betta fish tail

1. Half Moon Betta

Half moon bettas are not found in the wild as they are bred in captivity and strict observations. Half moon bettas were first bred in the 1980s and hit the world with great popularity and are world famous these days. The name explains it all, the tail is large enough making the shape same as of the shape of half moon.

2. Crown Tail Betta

The Crown Tail Betta is considered to be one of the most popular freshwater fish among betta keeping around the globe. It was first bred 25 years ago by Ahmad Yusuf, an Indonesian. This type of betta fish contemplated as the young breed of bettas. Its fins have the shape of a crown and if its webs reach greater than 2/3 then it would be called Comb Tail Betta.

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Male bettas exhibit different and vibrant colors, have long tail and fins. However, the female bettas have a different appearance than the male bettas. Female bettas have short length fins and light colors making it less majestic as the male bettas.

3. Veil Tail Betta

Veil Tail Betta Fish is the type of bettas which are widely available all over the world and are bred in large amount every year.

Male veil tail betta fish and female veil tail betta fish have different characteristics when it comes to the length of the fins, color, and shape. The male bettas of this type have a long tail, which is swooping downwards, dark & vibrant colors making their appearance very charismatic.

Female veil tail bettas have short fins, lighter colors, and short tail as well. However, some of these bettas do come with brighter colors.

4. Plakat Betta

Unlike other types of betta fish, the Plakat betta has very short fins and a round tail. Male Plakat betta fish shows vibrant color and majestic features. However, female Plakat succeeds to keep it on a lights color!

This type of the betta fish is considered to be one of the traditional betta fish available in the market from long time ago till date.

This fish was specially bred for the purpose of fighting and was name Plakat after the Thai word “plakad” which mean a fighting fish!

5. Double Tail Betta

Double Tail Bettas as are called with this name because they have a small body but larger fins and tail. It can be easily distinguished as it has two larger tails, dorsal fins with shorter sized body. This characteristic can be found in any other types of betta as well.

Bettas with single tail often exhibit double tail characteristics like dorsal fins with having rays more than the normal fins which makes them more appealing.

6. Elephant Ear Betta

Elephant Ear Bettas have long tail and larger fins. Their fins resemble that shape of the ear of an elephant. They are classified by their pectoral fins and not their color, size or the shape. They are known as the Dumbo bettas. Elephant Ear Bettas have bright colors and beautiful fins.

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These bettas are found with quite dull colors such as dark grey, brown and green in the wild, while elephant ear bettas found in captivity possess bright colors turquoise, yellow, red and blue.

7. Delta Tail Bettas

The Delta Tail Betta is named after d, which is a Greek letter denoted by a triangle. These types of betta have wide fins at the edges and they narrow towards body. The tail of delta tail betta spreads normally without making a crown or any combing.

This type of fish also has a variation called super delta. Fins of this variation reaches to 180 degrees.

8. Rose Tail Betta

This type of betta fish is called rose tail betta because its fins make a shape of a rose. It is a variation of half moon betta fish and its caudal fins spread more than 180 degrees.

Rays of rose tail betta fish are very branchy. Branching allows the caudal fins to have striking color effects which make it majestic for the buyer.

9. Comb Tail Betta

The Comb Tail Betta Fish is a cross between the crown tail betta and other tail bettas. Careful and planned breeding can make a comb tail betta to a crown tail betta, but they have a gene called VT.

Their larger size fins make a veil at the edges with the conventional droop. Its fins have extra rays of different colors till the edges.

10. Round Tail Betta

Round Tail Bettas are also one of the popular breeds of the betta fish. They are available worldwide in the fish market. They are called round tail betta because its tail makes a round shape, also the shape of its fins is also round.

Round Tail Betta fish is often mistaken with the Plakat Betta, but its fins are more in size and length as well. This betta fish can also be called single tail betta fish.

Type of Betta Fish are always distinguished by their tail’s characteristic and can be found in many colors and shape. A complete guide about betta fish and its types make it easy for the beginners as well as the experiences betta keeper to make a remarkable choice.

If you have any further question or have any of the suggestions, do let me know in the comment section below.

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooru Ariyoushi

Nooruariyoushi has been a fish hobbyist for 20 years and is now a blog writer sharing information about fish and how to care for them.


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