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what is flowerhorn cichlid
Tropical Fish

What is a flowerhorn cichlid?

What is a flowerhorn cichlid? the answer is flowerhorn cichlid or more popularly called the Louhan, is a man-made type or species that were selectively


How to breed cardinal tetra

Cardinal tetra fish is a type of tetra fish that is related to neon tetra fish. How to care for and cultivate neon tetra is almost


What fish eat guppies? Check your tank

Guppy fish is one of the most popular freshwater ornamental fish. Its beautiful appearance, low and easy maintenance, and of course suitable for beginners make Guppy

cherry barb care

Cherry Barb Care Guide and Characteristic

Profil Cherry Barb Scientific name Puntius titteya Family Cyprinidae Size 3 – 5 cm Life expectancy 4 – 6 years Temperament Peace Water Parameter Recommendations

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