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Banggai cardinalfish
Sea Water

Beautiful Banggai cardinalfish from Indonesia

A small and visually appealing shallow-water reef fish, the Banggai cardinalfish is also known as the Banggai cardinal and goes by the scientific name Pterapogon

Mandarin Goby
Sea Water

Beautiful Mandarin Fish or Mandarin Goby

The mandarin dragonet, commonly known as the Mandarin Fish/ mandarin goby and also with the scientific name Synchiropus splendidus, is one of the species that

Ornamental Fish Honey Gourami
Sea Water

Ornamental Fish Honey Gourami

The Trichogaster chuna, sometimes known as the honey gourami ornamental fish, has an orange body. The maximum size of this species is 7 cm (2.8

Let's get to know about FoxFace Rabbitfish
Sea Water

Let’s get to know about FoxFace Rabbitfish

A highly hardy fish with a very distinctive body color, the foxface rabbitfish, also known as foxface, black-face rabbitfish, common foxface, and its scientific name

tiger pistol shrimp

How to cultivate tiger pistol shrimp?

Are you currently intending to learn how to cultivate tiger pistol shrimp, but don’t know how? In this post, the admin will share information about

how fast can a great white shark swim
Sea Water

How fast can a great white shark swim

How fast can a great white shark swim?¬†This question may be running through your mind when you watch shark videos, or more urgently if you’re

Sea Water

Firefish goby care, fact, and tankmate

You will definitely agree that firefish or firefish goby are beautiful seawater ornamental fish, right? The fish, which has another name Nemateleotris Magnifica, is sold

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